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CN-104250842-A: 一种铝合金镀前表面预处理工艺 patent, CN-104251345-A: Fixing device of automobile oil tube and body patent, CN-104251457-A: 卡槽组合式灯罩 patent, CN-104251656-A: 一种位移传感器的外壳 patent, CN-104251680-A: Motor rotor core detection device patent, CN-104252829-A: 移位缓存器及使用其的平面显示器 patent, CN-104254262-A: Applicator assembly for applying a composition patent, CN-104258607-A: Ultrahigh molecular weight polyacrylamide producing and filtering device patent, CN-104259401-A: Water-cooled sand storage hopper mechanism patent, CN-104259963-A: 便捷式不锈钢桶外边缘抛光装置 patent, CN-104260292-A: 新型双向顺序推出机构模具 patent, CN-104260535-A: 透气性悬垂性好保暖香味面料 patent, CN-104269777-A: 一种架空高压输电线路巡检机器人系统 patent, CN-104269968-A: 杀菌灯的发电装置、吸尘器刷头和吸尘器 patent, CN-104270987-A: Lock pin attaching device for slider assembling machine patent, CN-104274402-A: 一种含有瑞巴派特的药物水悬乳液及其制备方法 patent, CN-104277170-A: Ternary porous high oil-absorption polyelectrolyte resin and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104278079-A: Test strip and method for detecting nucleic acid through nucleic acid chromatographic technique patent, CN-104279929-A: Long-distance shaft coupling measuring device and method patent, CN-104286300-A: Dendrobe and tartary buckwheat tea and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104286708-A: Dry-type preserved egg and lean meat porridge and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104287105-A: Damp-proof and deodorant underwear fabric patent, CN-104288211-A: Medicament composition for improving reproductive capability of old laying hen and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104289362-A: 一种文字图案幕墙喷泉 patent, CN-104299536-A: Self-power-generating advertising lamp patent, CN-104300191-A: E面超导膜片波导滤波器 patent, CN-104300848-A: Method for improving estimation precision of position of rotor of permanent magnet synchronous motor with position-sensor-less algorithm patent, CN-104304417-A: Novel method for preparing dehydrated carrots patent, CN-104304661-A: Piglet feed and production method thereof patent, CN-104304698-A: 一种乳猪优质教槽料及其制作方法 patent, CN-104306857-A: Preparation method of medicine for preventing and treating diseases of chickens patent, CN-104308719-A: Control system of grinding miller patent, CN-104309978-A: 一种塑料薄膜印刷机可移动支架 patent, CN-104313999-A: Bridge pier structure patent, CN-104316166-A: Video positioning method for abnormal sound of transformer station patent, CN-104316297-A: High-precision laser light path directivity online monitoring device and method patent, CN-104317456-A: Embedded touch screen, driving method thereof and display device patent, CN-104322492-A: 一种含敌稗、氰氟草酯和二甲四氯的农药组合物及其应用 patent, CN-104322959-A: High producing dairy cow feed and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104324240-A: 治疗梨状肌综合征的外用中药膏剂 patent, CN-104328146-A: 乳酸发酵新工艺 patent, CN-104328486-A: Cooling water pressure closed-loop control system of kyropoulos sapphire crystal growth equipment patent, CN-104329235-A: 一种新型空气压缩机 patent, CN-104329656-A: 锅炉柔性密封装置及方法 patent, CN-1043297-A: 聚硫酸铁制造新工艺 patent, CN-104331908-A: Compressed haar character and motion information fused target tracking method patent, CN-104332922-A: 一种分体式多角度调平联板 patent, CN-104333197-A: 机电集成磁场调制型磁齿轮 patent, CN-104333258-A: 一种数字大功率驱动电源 patent, CN-104336099-A: Environmentally-friendly biological pesticide patent, CN-104336615-A: Food additive patent, CN-104336989-A: 带储尿袋的能有效防止电磁波服装 patent, CN-104337223-A: 便携式鞋刷 patent, CN-104338374-A: Vehicle flushing stand sewage sedimentation filter tank patent, CN-104339245-A: 一种铸件清理打磨除尘一体化设备 patent, CN-104341940-A: Improved varnish patent, CN-104344062-A: Double-handle faucet patent, CN-104344563-A: Cast aluminum electric heater and multi-mode single-core pre-instant electric water heater patent, CN-104345673-A: 具有通讯功能的数字式通用测控装置 patent, CN-104345921-A: 笔压检测模块及位置指示器 patent, CN-104346430-A: Method and computer program for the maintenance aid of aircraft equipment patent, CN-104347011-A: 一种led显示屏箱体 patent, CN-104348265-A: Coupling type permanent magnet electric welding generator patent, CN-104348315-A: 定子铁芯的轴向定位及护线装置 patent, CN-104352401-A: 一种珍珠粉营养霜及其制备方法 patent, CN-104354126-A: 一种设备装配中的定位夹具 patent, CN-104355358-A: Ozone-assisted photocatalytic sterilization device patent, CN-104357194-A: 一种研磨机齿轮润滑脂及其制备方法 patent, CN-104359154-A: 立式空调器 patent, CN-104364790-A: Systems and methods for implementing multi-factor authentication patent, CN-104364998-A: Rotating electrical machine, stator for rotating electrical machine, and vehicle patent, CN-104366174-A: Manufacturing method of mung bean-banana jelly patent, CN-104367155-A: 一种压汁盘 patent, CN-104367242-A: Environment-friendly and water-saving folding shower room patent, CN-104368296-A: 一种高效反应釜 patent, CN-104369204-A: Cutting and air drying all-in-one machine of decorative film patent, CN-104370091-A: Novel bottle unscrambler patent, CN-104370563-A: 一种陶瓷牙套 patent, CN-104371938-A: 耐高温酿酒酵母及其应用 patent, CN-104371973-A: Serum-free medium of immune cells patent, CN-104373772-A: Hot melting buried wire joint coating plate device for prefabricated directly-buried insulating pipeline and manufacturing method patent, CN-104382016-A: Health food with function of improving memory of old people patent, CN-104382566-A: 一种可长效监控婴幼儿测温贴 patent, CN-104382752-A: 养发液 patent, CN-104387577-A: Single functionalized polyethylene glycol with nitrogen-atom branching center, preparation method and biologically-relevant substance thereof patent, CN-104387660-A: Nonmetal modified polypropylene plastic in waste and old circuit boards and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104390070-A: Thermoformed continuously wound composite material reinforced structure-wall pipe, and manufacturing equipment and manufacturing method thereof patent, CN-104398298-A: 一种髋臼前柱骨折微创内固定装置 patent, CN-104401440-A: Hydraulic brake for bicycle patent, CN-104403218-A: 改性挤塑板及其制造方法 patent, CN-104405260-A: 多功能房门 patent, CN-104406512-A: Strain gauge calibration equipment and method patent, CN-104406776-A: Air cylinder cap test air valve position sealing structure patent, CN-104413937-A: 带工具袋的像景面料服装 patent, CN-104414311-A: Power-driven drying fruit disc patent, CN-104415161-A: Traditional Chinese medicine formula for dispelling butterfly rash patent, CN-104415870-A: 一种汽车保险杠喷涂装置 patent, CN-104416112-A: Pneumatic die stripping device patent, CN-104416121-A: 三凸台整体行星架套铸造工艺 patent, CN-104416315-A: Welding device of main side pipe and welding method thereof patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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